Monday, May 11, 2009

Wrenching in heels?....Not a good idea!

So Friday I had a filming scheduled for Channel 3 in Phoenix – “Your Life A-Z” I do a short segment with them every few weeks sharing basic car care tips and simple things that everyone should know about their cars. Its lots of fun for a few reasons… the fact that I love teaching and empowering people through knowledge is the obvious one. The less obvious is that it’s one of the few times I get to dress up these days, and despite the fact that I’m a mechanic and love getting dirty… I also really do love being ‘girly’ and dressing up nice once and awhile ;)

The day started out nice and smoothly, woke up early picked out a nice shirt and clean nice jeans, did my hair (translate: wash, brush and leave down instead of pulling back), threw on some make up (translate: mascara, lip gloss) and slipped on some cute retro heels. Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know you’re all thinking “that’s *all dressed up*?” I know – but for me… that’s a big deal!

I rolled into the shop to make sure my team was all set for the few hours I’d be gone, picked up my props and headed to the studio. The filming went great – I get less nervous every time… still takes about half an hour for my heart rate to return to normal though!
I got back to the shop which was busier than I have ever seen it, realizing I’m gonna have to hit the tools I grab my uniform shirt and pants and go change… only to find out that I *completely* forgot to bring a pair of shoes! So what’s a girl to do? I throw the heels back on and head into the shop….

Let me tell you – it was quite the look…

I told my staff it was our new uniform. Interestingly Matt responded without hesitation “just wait – I’ll show up like that on Monday,” while Christina on the other hand looked at me stunned…. “But –“she stammered “I don’t even know how to *walk* in heels!”
I worked for three hours that way… fixing coolant leaks, doing brakes and running around managing the shop and chatting with customers (who all got a good laugh out of it) till my lifesaver of a mother showed up out of the blue and offered to go to my house to pick up my work shoes!

While I often joke that I’d make a fortune (and go completely against everything I believe in) if I opened up an female only shop where the women wore bikinis and high heels, after a partial trial run – the idea is officially off the table. I don’t know how women wear heels all day long… I was miserable!

My tip for the day? Heels and car repair definitely do *not* go together.
I tell my students this, but I’m apparently better at giving advice than taking it: Keep a pair of old sneakers in your trunk just in case you ever need to change a tire… or (note to self) run a repair shop!


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