Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For the last couple days I've been working with someone who does woodwork. We've been breaking down the shop in his home to move it to his new work space. My initial reason for helping was to make some extra money. Once I got there, my whole perspective changed.

First of all you need to understand that I'm a huge fan of power tools. While hand held ones are what I usually use, I'm always fascinated by larger equipment. Well he has it. Routers, saws...things I've never heard of that do really cool things to wood. We hit it off right away.

He laughed the first day when he told me that my eyes where huge looking at all of the equipment. I think for most people that like to work with their hands, no matter what it's easy to be pulled into other interests like plumbing, electrical and wood workeven if you don't do a lot of it.

For me it's all about building something, or understanding how something works and then making it work for you. I have to laugh though, because again I've been sucked into something that few women do...again. Almost as rare as working on cars, women in woodworking is also something more men tend to do.

And why is that? Because we wouldn't want the little women to get hurt using this dangerous equipment! :) He's already asked me to come help him set up the new shop with him....which of course I'm all over. I have a great old desk at home I'm hoping to take to his shop once he's set up and learn all about refinishing it. Of course I'm also itching to get on that band saw!

I cannot stress enough to women, if there is something that you love to do, but have been afraid to try because someone has told you it's too dangerous, or women don't do that....stop and think to yourself...why not? and give it a try. I am most happy when I have a project to work on that doesn't involve sitting at this computer all day! Which I have to tell you I've already had to remove the keyboard to fix..yet another "hands on project"

Get out there and play...the world is a big place and there's lots of fun things to try and learn!


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