Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reality from the Radical Wrencher

It was a rainy day yesterday and like most people I don't always think about my wiper blades until it's raining and they don't clear the windshield like they should. It makes me laugh sometimes that I spend so much time giving this advice and then don't have time to listen to it myself.

Unlike most people however, I carry extra blades in my truck. I'm not really sure where they came from. They are probably from a purchase I made once when I was in an automotive store and it struck me that I probably need them.

It was easy enough to just replace the offending wiper and go on my way. So don't wait, like me, until it's really annoying to see out your windshield...check your wiper blades about every 6 months and replace them once a year or more often if need be.

Now I'm hoping that I remember to throw that bad blade away so I don't reach for it next time! ha


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