Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The rambling wrench wench......

Yesterday I spent the morning learning how to use a weed eater and than figuring out how to rewire the ballasts for all the fluorescent lights in the office… Not what I would normally expect to be doing as a mechanic in my own auto shop – but it reminded me of an important lesson… A few customers came in while I balanced at the top of a ladder, various electrical tools in hand, each of them commented with something along the lines of – ‘wow – you’re an electrician too?!’

If there is one thing I learned from my long journey of becoming an auto mechanic and a shop owner it is this – the *only* thing that ever holds me back is my own fear. Once I got myself out of my own way, got over my fear of all things mechanical and unknown – not only did I excel at automotive work but nothing scared me anymore. (Ok – that’s a lie, I still don’t like swimming in the ocean *grin*) I’m not an electrician, not a roofer or a plumber – but I’ve tried my hand at all these things and when something needs to be done, I figure out how to do it. It was the fear that always stopped me in the past. Fear of doing it wrong, or breaking something, or getting hurt, or looking foolish. Sometimes that fear still tries to stop me, but I recognize it for what it is and do my best to push through.

This above all – is why I teach the classes I teach. Because shaking or working through the fear was so liberating and empowering for me. I want more than anything to share that with other women. Even if you never want to change your own tire, or learn to diagnose your car or even check your own fluids… there’s something powerful about knowing you could if you wanted to.

We've got a class coming up on the 16th at the shop... maybe you'll think about signing up? What could be more fun than a bunch of cool chicks hanging out and talking cars? Plus, you may just surprise yourself with what you find you are capable of!


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