Sunday, August 9, 2009

Radical Wrencher, GM and the Twin Cities

Just back from a whirlwind tour of Minneapolis/St. Paul teaching classes for GM, I'm hunkering in for a lazy Sunday afternoon. I like the traveling thing...don't get me wrong, but it's good to be home.

I hit the ground running in Minneapolis. I had about an hour once I reached the hotel before Jennie and Kelly from GM showed up in the new 2010 Equinox to take me to a TV interview with KARE channel 11. The host's of the show, Diana and Pat were fun and I think I even taught them something they didn't know in my 2 minutes of fame. :)

From there we headed over to Merit Chevrolet to a full class of women, a quick bite to eat and back to the hotel by 9:30 pm. I was in bed by 10 pm so that I could get up early, picked up at 5:30 am, to get to Rosedale Chevrolet and do the FOX channel 9 morning show with M.A. Rosko. We did four 2-3 minute segments for live TV...I had a blast and M.A. now knows how to change a tire!

Our class that night was full again and we even had a couple bloggers to help showcase what LSYE and GM are trying to do...which is to empower women and let them know that GM is interested in their female customer's safety and making them feel comfortable with coming into their dealerships.

So this trip was great fun and another opportunity to work with GM. Thanks again to Jennie and Kelly...and to Amanda, their PR person, for making everything happen and making it look so smooth!


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