Friday, July 17, 2009

Introducing the Cheater Bar

So last time Lori introduced one of her favorite tools, the Jump Box. This time I thought I'd introduce one of mine...

<Drum roll please>

...the Cheater Bar!

"What on earth is that?" I can hear you asking yourself, I can almost see the furrowed brows and cocked heads through the computer as I write this. "It looks just like a pipe. What am I supossed to do with it?"

There are probably many things we could come up with to do with it if we got creative... not all of which am I here to endorse (at least not officially!) However, more than a nifty way to protect yourself against unwanted attention, or a handy tool for releasing your aggressions from a bad day on some poor inanimate (please) object... This simple piece of metal pipe is how little people like me get to act like we're VERY VERY strong!

Because as women our stregnth tends to be in our legs not our arms, and using our legs isn't always an option, the Cheater Bar levels the playing field. Simply slip it over the wrench your using and it instantly and dramatically multiplies your stregnth by increasing your leverage. The longer the pipe, the more everage, the stronger you 'become!'
It's simple, it's inexpesive, and it's totally underappreciated.

I have one in my tool box, one in my car and of course one at my house. The Cheater Bar is particularly handy for us ladies when changing a tire on the side of the road. Most places that put on tires use air tools, which means the bolts are *super* tight and often very difficult to get loose with just the tools that your car came with, especially if you live in a wet or snowy climate where rust makes the lugs even more difficult to get loose. One little piece of pipe could mean the difference between sitting and waiting perhaps hours for help, or getting on back on the road to safety.

There are a few companies selling fancy cheater bars online. For example check out these neat extendable lug wrenches at Or you can always go to your local hardware store and buy a piece of pipe like I do - sometimes you can get remenant pieces for free or at least very cheap. And don't worry, no one is gonna blame you if you find another use for it as well. In fact if you do - please share!

Happy wrenching...
The Wrench Wench

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