Friday, August 27, 2010

To Hybrid or Not

If you're like me and you find yourself recycling, composting, buying green products and figuring out ways to use our energy more wisely, then you've probably thought about a hybrid vehicle. While more and more manufacturers are making hybrid vehicles....unfortunately it's going to be a while before they replace our gas driven motors. I guess the question is, are the hybrids that are available now really saving us money and the environment....or not.

Brandy Schaffels, a contributing writer for Ask Patty wrote this article to answer some of your questions.

What you always wanted to know about hybrid vehicles

This article on How Stuff Works talks about 5 reasons not to buy hybrid.

I like to weigh my options. While I'd like to 'Go Green', it comes with a cost. Sometimes it's more than what you can afford. I would say that if you are contemplating buying a hybrid your research. Make sure you weigh cost, economy, practicability and even how driving where you live will play into it. It's a tough decision...trying to decide what is the right thing for you and the environment. That's when I get on my motorcycle and ride.  Good luck!

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