Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Radical Wrencher, San Diego and GM

First of all I cannot believe that it’s Thursday already….where did this week go? I had every intention of writing about the San Diego trip as soon as I got back, but time just slipped away.

Oh well, let me back up some and catch you up. Last weekend I flew out Friday night from Philadelphia to San Diego. When I went through security in Philly my bag was pulled aside to be checked. I wasn’t really surprised, I was carrying a bunch of promotional screwdrivers. You’d have to stab someone with a lot of them to do any damage and they must have realized that, because they didn’t seem too concerned. What they did ask me was if I was carrying a brake pad.

I laughed and said I was. I had wanted to bring a worn pad to show what it looked like. I am always unsure what to bring when I travel. When I teach the class in my area I have a whole bunch of things I take with me, many of which would not do well in my luggage. Anyway, the young male security checker seemed excited because apparently he had guessed right from the x-ray. They re-ran my bag and I was on my way….with everything I came with!

Once I got to San Diego I had about an hour wait to meet up with Bogi (wrench wench) who was coming in from Phoenix. This was the first time we were actually meeting even though we’ve been talking for a while. We checked into the hotel, had dinner with Diedra from GM and by 10:30 pm I was dead to the world….only to find myself wide awake at 4:30 am. I forced myself to stay in bed until a friend from back home called around 6 am not realizing where I was.

We headed over to the Marvin K. Brown Dealership where LSYE taught 2 classes for GM. All of the participants had a great time and Bogi and I realized just how compatible we really are. We had the rest of the afternoon to chat, make our business plans and compare notes.

I will only say that there are some big things in the works for Bogi and I with LSYE. It’s exciting to work with someone who has the same vision about educating women about their vehicles. I think we’re going to make a great team by combining our efforts with all of the skills that we both bring to the table. So stay tuned and we will fill you in on what we have planned as the year progresses. Click and Clack….here we come!

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